10 Man Made Wonders of the World

The world is full of natural wonders that leave us in awe, but there are also many man made wonders that are just as incredible. From ancient temples to modern bridges, these man made wonders are a testament to human engineering and dedication. In this blog post, we will explore 10 of the most amazing man made wonders of the world. From the Great Pyramid of Giza to the Panama Canal, these feats of human achievement are sure to inspire you.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the most impressive man-made structures in the world. It runs for over 13,000 miles and was built over 2,000 years ago. The wall was built to protect the Chinese empire from invaders. Today, the wall is a popular tourist attraction.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum, located in Rome, is one of the most famous man-made wonders of the world. This massive amphitheater was built over 2,000 years ago and could seat up to 80,000 people. It was used for a variety of entertainment events, including gladiator fights, animal hunts, and public executions.

Today, the Colosseum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome. Visitors can explore the ruins of this ancient structure and imagine what it would have been like to witness its bloody events.

The Taj Mahal

When most people think of India, the first thing that comes to mind is the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is a mausoleum located in Agra, India that was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his late wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire, England. It consists of a ring of standing stones, each around 13 feet (4.0 m) high, 7 feet (2.1 m) wide, and weighing around 25 tons. The stones are set within earthworks in the form of a circle and horseshoe.

It is believed that Stonehenge was constructed between 3100 and 2600 BC, making it one of the oldest human-made structures in the world. The purpose of Stonehenge is not known for certain, but it has been suggested that it was used as a burial ground, a temple to the sun or moon, or a place of healing.

The stone circle at Stonehenge is one of the most famous prehistoric monuments in the world. It has been the subject of much archaeological and scientific investigation over the years. Today, Stonehenge is a popular tourist destination and is protected as a World Heritage Site.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic structures in the world. Standing at over 300 meters tall, it is the tallest man-made structure in Europe and has become a symbol of Paris.

Construction of the tower began in 1887 and was completed in 1889. It was originally built as a temporary exhibit for the World's Fair, but its popularity led to it becoming a permanent fixture of the Paris skyline.

Today, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, with millions of visitors each year. It is also one of the most photographed buildings in the world and has been featured in countless movies and TV shows.

The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is one of the most impressive man made wonders of the world. This canal was first built in 1914 and spans 50 miles from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Every day, about 14,000 vessels pass through the Panama Canal, making it one of the busiest waterways in the world.

The Panama Canal is an engineering marvel. It took over 10 years to build and required over 80,000 workers to complete. The canal has three chambers that allow ships to be lifted up and down so that they can pass through to the other side. The Panama Canal is an important route for trade and commerce, as it allows ships to avoid going all the way around South America.

Every year, millions of people visit the Panama Canal to see this impressive feat of engineering. If you ever have a chance to visit Panama, be sure to take a ride through the canal – it’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. Standing 1,454 feet tall, it was the tallest building in the world for nearly 40 years. It is located in New York City and was completed in 1931.

The building was designed by William F. Lamb of the architectural firm Shreve, Lamb & Harmon. The empire state building is made up of 102 stories and has a Art Deco style exterior. The interior is just as impressive with its marble floors and walls. There are also murals and sculptures throughout the building.

The Empire State Building is a popular tourist destination, with over 4 million visitors each year. It has been featured in many films and TV shows, including King Kong and Sleepless in Seattle. If you're ever in New York City, be sure to check out this amazing structure!

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the one-mile-wide (1.6 km) strait connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The structure links the U.S. city of San Francisco, California—the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula—to Marin County, carrying both U.S. Route 101 and California State Route 1 across the strait. The bridge is one of the most internationally recognized symbols of San Francisco, California, and the United States. It has been declared one of the Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.[4]

Designed by engineer Joseph Strauss in 1917,[5] it was built during the Great Depression from 1933 to 1937,[6][7] and was dedicated on May 27, 1937, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.[8][9] The Golden Gate Bridge was originally painted orange vermilion (international orange) with black trim,[10][11] but it was later repainted a muted international orange color to conform with its more famous neighbor, the Golden Gate Park's Japanese Tea Garden's stonework.[12][13] Although it is now officially referred to as “International Orange”,[12][14] it has been colloquially called “橙色大桥” (chéngsè dàqiáo), Mandarin for “Orange Bridge”.[15][16]

Mount Rushmore National Monument

Mount Rushmore National Monument is a sculpture carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The monument features the faces of four U.S. Presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

The idea for Mount Rushmore came from local historian Doane Robinson, who wanted to create a tourist attraction for the Black Hills region. In 1925, Robinson persuaded American sculptor Gutzon Borglum to take on the project. Borglum had already gained notoriety for his work on Stone Mountain in Georgia.

Construction on Mount Rushmore began in 1927 and continued until 1941, when funding ran out. Borglum died soon after, but his son Lincoln completed the work using his father’s plans. Today, Mount Rushmore is one of America’s most popular tourist destinations, attracting more than two million visitors each year.

Statues of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most iconic symbols of the United States of America. The statue, located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, was a gift from the people of France to the people of America. It was designed by French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and built by Gustave Eiffel. The statue was dedicated on October 28, 1886.

The Statue of Liberty is 305 feet tall, from the base to the torch. The torch-bearing arm extends 151 feet above the ground. The statue's face is 8 feet tall.

The Statue of Liberty has become a symbol of freedom and democracy around the world. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the United States, with over 4 million visitors each year.