10 Best Places to Visit in Alberta

Alberta is a beautiful province located in the western part of Canada. It is known for its Rocky Mountains, national parks, and glaciers. If you are planning to visit Alberta, here are the 10 best places that you should definitely add to your itinerary: 1. Lake Louise 2. Banff National Park 3. Jasper National Park 4. Calgary 5. Edmonton 6. Athabasca Falls 7. Columbia Icefield 8. Drumheller 9. Royal Tyrrell Museum 10. West Edmonton Mall


Drumheller is a town in the Canadian province of Alberta. It is located in the Badlands, a region of the province known for its dry, arid landscape. The area around Drumheller is rich in fossils and dinosaur bones, making it a popular destination for paleontologists and tourists alike.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum, located in Drumheller, is one of the world's leading museums of paleontology. The museum houses an extensive collection of dinosaur fossils, as well as exhibits on the history and geology of the badlands. Visitors can also take part in guided tours of some of the nearby fossil sites.

Drumheller is also home to the World's Largest Dinosaur, a 26-metre (85-foot) statue of an Apatosaurus that stands outside the town's Visitor Centre. The centre itself is worth a visit for its interactive exhibits on dinosaurs and local history.

Whether you're interested in dinosaurs or not, Drumheller makes for an enjoyable day trip or weekend getaway from Calgary or Edmonton.


Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, is a vibrant city with a rich history. The city is home to a number of museums and art galleries, as well as a variety of restaurants and cafes. Edmonton is also a great place to shop, with a number of shopping centres and markets.

If you're looking for things to do in Edmonton, be sure to check out the Alberta Legislature Building, the Royal Alberta Museum, and the Art Gallery of Alberta. For shopping, head to West Edmonton Mall or Whyte Avenue. And for foodies, don't miss out on trying some authentic Alberta beef!


If you're looking for a breathtaking natural setting, Jasper is the place to be. Located in the Canadian Rockies, this town is surrounded by glaciers, alpine meadows, and wildlife. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, fishing, and camping. In the winter, Jasper is a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a stunning glacial lake located in Banff National Park. The water is a beautiful turquoise color and the mountain views are simply breathtaking. Visitors can explore the lake by foot, boat, or even horseback. There are also a number of hiking trails in the area that offer incredible views of the lake and surrounding mountains.


Banff is a town in Alberta, Canada within Banff National Park. The town is a popular tourist destination because of its proximity to numerous outdoor activities.

The town of Banff is located in the Rocky Mountains and sits at an elevation of 1,583 m (5,200 ft). It is the largest community within Banff National Park and has a population of approximately 8,000 people.

Banff National Park was established in 1885 and is Canada's oldest national park. The park covers an area of 6,641 km2 (2,564 sq mi) and is home to many different types of wildlife including grizzly bears, coyotes, elk, bighorn sheep, and mountain lions.

There are many different things to do in Banff National Park including hiking, camping, fishing, horseback riding, skiing, and snowboarding. The park also has several lakes including Lake Louise which is a popular spot for canoeing and kayaking.


Canmore, Alberta is a beautiful mountain town located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. The town is surrounded by towering peaks, turquoise lakes, and lush forests, making it the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy in Canmore, such as hiking, mountain biking, golfing, and horseback riding. In the winter, you can hit the slopes at one of the nearby ski resorts or go cross-country skiing in Kananaskis Country.


Calgary is one of the best places to visit in Alberta. With a population of over 1.2 million people, it is the largest city in Alberta and the fifth largest city in Canada. Calgary is a vibrant city with a lot to offer visitors. There are many great museums and attractions, as well as plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.

If you're looking for things to do in Calgary, be sure to check out some of the city's most popular attractions, like the Calgary Zoo, Fort Calgary, and Heritage Park. For museum lovers, there are also excellent options like the Glenbow Museum and the Calgary Science Centre. And if you're looking to get outdoors, there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, biking, and even skiing in the nearby Rocky Mountains.


Lethbridge is a city in southern Alberta, Canada. It is the fourth largest city in the province with a population of over 92,000 people. The city is situated on the Oldman River in the west of the province, about halfway between Calgary and Great Falls, Montana.

Lethbridge was founded in 1885 by Sir Alexander Galt, a Canadian Pacific Railway executive. It was named after his birthplace in Scotland. Lethbridge is known for its large number of bridges spanning the Oldman River. The High Level Bridge, which was completed in 1909, is one of the longest bridge spans in North America at 1,624 metres (5,328 feet).

Lethbridge is home to two universities: the University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge College. The city also has a lively arts scene and is home to several museums and performing arts venues.

Some of the best places to visit in Lethbridge include Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden, Galt Museum & Archives, Fort Whoop-Up National Historic Site, and Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site.

Medicine Hat

Visiting Medicine Hat is a must for anyone interested in Alberta history. This city was once an important stop on the Canadian Pacific Railroad and was home to many famous cowboys and outlaws. Today, Medicine Hat is a thriving city with a lively downtown and plenty of things to see and do.

Start your visit with a stroll through Historic Downtown Medicine Hat. This area is full of beautiful old buildings, including the Alberta Provincial Court House, which is now a museum. Be sure to take a look inside the courthouse – it’s impressive! Other highlights of downtown include the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre, which houses an art gallery and theatre, andMedicine Hat College.

For some outdoor fun, head to Echo Dale Regional Park. This large park has something for everyone, from hiking and biking trails to a playground and splash pad for kids. Echo Dale is also home to the Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede, held every July. Don’t miss this iconic event!

Finish your visit with a trip to the Medalta Clay District National Historic Site. This site includes the Medalta Potteries factory, which operated from 1912 to 1988. Today, you can tour the factory buildings and see how pottery was made in the early days. The Medalta Clay District is also home to several other historic sites, including an old coal mine and brickworks.

Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park is a national park located in the southwest corner of Alberta, Canada. The park is known for its pristine lakes, hiking trails, and wildlife. Waterton Lakes National Park is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Waterton Lakes National Park is home to many different species of wildlife including bighorn sheep, elk, deer, mountain goats, and bison. The park also has an abundance of birdlife with over 200 different species of birds. Hiking is a popular activity in the park with over 100 kilometers of trails to explore. There are also numerous opportunities for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.

Whether you’re looking to relax or explore, Waterton Lakes National Park has something for everyone.