Tweetsie Trail “Dine Around” Fundraiser Announced

The Tweetsie Trail - Connecting Johnson City & ElizabethtonThe Johnson City and Elizabethton restaurant communities are joining together to support the creation of the Tweetsie Trail with a fundraising Dine-Around on Tuesday, April 1 and Wednesday, April 2, 2014 through which participating restaurants will donate ten percent of proceeds toward the Tweetsie Trail.  The effort is a progressive collaboration for the two communities and for the restaurants involved.  The goal is to generate further donations to support the establishment of the Tweetsie Trail, a proposed bicycle and pedestrian trail utilizing the abandoned ET&WNC rail line stretching from Alabama St. in Johnson City to Sycamore Shoals in Elizabethton — roughly six miles — which is expected to open to the public by Labor Day 2014. The restaurant sign up deadline is February 7, 2014.

“We already have had great interest from the restaurant community and are overwhelmed by their generosity in donating ten percent of  of two days of revenues toward this exciting, scenic trail,” said Dr. Daniel Schumaier, chair of the Tweetsie Trail committee.  “We are so grateful to the Johnson City Press, Elizabethton Star, and the News and Neighbor for collaborating on extensive advertising to publicize the participating restaurants and make sure our local diners are aware of this rare opportunity to support a public project,” continued Schumaier.

“We are delighted to be among the first restaurants to sign up,” said Tom Seaton, owner of The Firehouse Restaurant & Catering. “Not only does this help a fantastic new amenity for our community, the Tweetsie Trail, but it will help to bring diners into our restaurant to experience what we have to offer,” said Justin Seaton, The Firehouse Restaurant * Catering.

“The Tweetsie Trail is a historic connector between Johnson City and Elizabethton that is poised to become an economic engine for our area and an enhancement to the lives of our region’s residents as well as a recreational tourism destination,” said Lottie Ryans, Chair of the Johnson City Chamber board.  “Whether you walk, run or bike, the Tweetsie will be a fantastic way to enjoy the beautiful, natural scenery our region has to offer,” said Jennifer Greenwell, Director of Sales for the Johnson City Chamber of Commerce.

“Lots of our local residents budget to eat out at least twice a month, and i’d like to encourage everyone to support the Dine-Around for Tweetsie Trail fundraiser in April for two days of restaurant dining,” said Tonya Stevens, Executive Director of the Elizabethton Chamber.  “With so many fantastic restaurants to choose from, diners should be able to find exactly what they want and support the Tweetsie Trail at the same time. It is a simple way for all residents to impact the Tweetsie Trail, and show support without really costing them anything directly.  It’s the right thing to do and a tasty way to do it!” said John Bunn, owner of The Coffee Company.

Participating restaurants will be included in eight full-page ads every Wednesday in February and March 2014 in the Johnson City Press and Elizabethton Star and in eight full-page ads every Saturday in February and March 2014 in the News and Neighbor for a nominal fee. Participating restaurants will also receive table talkers/tents and complimentary posters promoting the Dine-Around fundraiser. Sign-ups will be handled by the Johnson City Chamber of Commerce, and interested restaurants should contact Jennifer Greenwell

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